Winter Car Key and Lock Tips

The worst thing in the world is coming out to the car on a winters day putting the key in the lock and having it snap on you. What comes next is the added expense of getting the key removed from the lock and then purchasing a new key so you can get back on the road.

Not only will you get the added expense of all of that but you could be losing valuable hours at work which will lead to the costs spiraling even more.

Add to that the fact that you will invariably have to wait for your locksmith to turn up, complete the job and then pay the bill and you will have lost some valuable hours too. So how do you stop it from happening or lessen the possibility of it occurring –

Put very simply we suggest spraying all of the car door key slots with some WD40. This will keep the lock nice and oiled and ensure that the key moves smoothly when inserted.

A simple but effective means of saving money and invariably a lot of time too.

NB – You may still find that a key breaks in the lock but in all the years I have used WD40 I have never broken a key in the lock yet.