Why Have A Spare Car Key

Ever been put in a position where you have locked your car key in the car?

Or worse still put it down and now you can’t find it?

Did you know that a lot of locksmiths will charge you extra because of being called out in an emergency. Did you also know that having a spare key can also increase the value of the car when you come to selling it as well.

More importantly with a spare you won’t need to worry if you mislay the first key. A lot of people think that it is expensive to get a remote locking spare car key and in some cases they are right, In fact we have know the manufacturers to charge anything up to a £1000-00 for a spare car key.

However if you go to a registered locksmith you may find yourself saving as much as 60% off the cost of standard pricing. We have been supplying spare car keys for many years and we always ensure that our prices are affordable and competitive (in fact we have often been known to be the cheapest)

So why not touch base with us today on 01524 845 865 to find out more.

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